Survey Map 8.1 Software

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SurveyMap 8- The next generation Land Survey solution Software.

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Survey Map 8 Software software gives you much power to manage your survey data, run any computation and get result instantly.

Mordern Interface

The software is built with the latest technology. The interfaces are user friendly Just feed-in/upload your data, and get your RESULT at a click. You are ready to go!

Interactive User Friendly Interface

Survey Map 8 is fully packed with interactive user friendly interface. Very easy to use and operate with or without user guide.

Generate Computation Sheets

You can generate computation sheets for every computation done at single click

Automatic Computation

To carry out computation and generate result is very simple. Work that could take one hour manually can now take 5 minutes and work of 2 weeks can now take 2 hours.

Automatic Plotting

With Survey Map 8 mapping interface your boundary plot is displayed at a click with automatic labels. Once your computation is done, you are a click away from your survey plot.

Export to AutoCAD

You can also choose to automatically plot your data directly into AutoCAD environment in form of AutoCAD script file which is plotted automatically by dragging the script into the AutoCAD drawing interface.


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